Why is accuracy important?

At Paceline, we understand the importance of accurate data. Without accurate data you cannot train precisely, enhance your performance or optimise your time when training.

How accurate is the Wattbike?

The Wattbike is accurate to within 2% across the full range of Watts. This study has been independently verified by the South Australian Institute of Sport.

The Wattbike is designed to measure power output independent of the air brake, magnetic brake settings and environmental conditions. As with other ergometers it is not possible to have the same accuracy over the full range (for the Wattbike Pro the range is 0-3760Watts, for the Wattbike Trainer the range is 0-2000Watts). The mean accuracy of the Wattbike is typically within 2% (-0.42% +/- 1.21%) with retest variance typically better than 1% (0.42% +/- 0.46%) – South Australian Institute of Sport 31/03/2010.


Can I have complete confidence when I train on a Wattbike?

To ensure complete confidence in the accuracy of data, each Wattbike is factory calibrated. Factory calibration delivers precise, accurate data which enables training optimisation. We ensure our bikes are regularly serviced (like you service a regular bicycle) to ensure all the metrics on each and every bike are consistently accurate and reliable.

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