Victorian women had it so easy. The only thing required for them to feel sexy was to discreetly reveal some ankle or flash glimpses of their décolletage. Slap a corset on, cinch it tight and voilà, instant sex appeal. Alright, maybe life for Victorian women was not exactly idyllic considering on average they died by age 42. Apparently there were a few key aspects of general health missing from life during the Victorian era such as public sanitation, antibiotics, and HIIT workouts.

Reflecting on our current version of femininity, it is apparent that a lean, lithe, strong body is ‘all the rage’ (a corset just won’t cut it anymore, ladies). Not to mention most of the women I know would like to live past 80 let alone 42 (didn’t you hear? 80 is the new 40). Thankfully we were lucky enough to be born in the current era with flushing toilets, modern medicine, and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Laugh all you want that I am brash enough to compare HIIT to penicillin. However consider this: coronary heart failure kills more Americans than all infections combined. High intensity interval training has been shown to increase VO2 max (how much oxygen your body can effectively use), decrease unwanted fat, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Sure antibiotics and clean water are critical. A fitness plan incorporating HIIT is on the list of necessities as well for optimum health and physical appearances.

How to HIIT on a Wattbike

Our coaches at Paceline combine HIIT specific classes with interval training throughout the week to deliver a perfect and safe blend of fitness training.

If you want your own version of HIIT training here is an example workout you can try on a wattbike at our facility.

  • Warm up for 10-15 minutes
    • 20 seconds high intensity (zone 5)
    • 40 seconds low intensity (zone 2)
    • Repeat 4x
  • 2 min recovery
    • 30 seconds high intensity (zone 6)
    • 60 seconds low intensity (zone 2)
    • Repeat 5x
  • 3 min recovery
    • 10 seconds high intensity (zone 6)
    • 60 seconds low intensity (zone 2)
    • Repeat 5x
  • Cool down

We suggest incorporating a HIIT style workout into your routine once or twice week. HIIT may not be the only answer for improved physique and health but it is a critical piece in the puzzle (and gives you a significant boost over any woman from the Victorian era).


Contributed by: Danielle Radden

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