Power Training – What is it? What are the benefits?

Training with power used to be strictly for the professionals, but now with power meters and indoor trainers like the Wattbike becoming available to all riders, you too can now benefit from this elite training experience.

We have written this blog post to teach you how training with power can enhance your performance, plus we have included some hints and tips to get you started.

Let’s start with the basics:

What is POWER?

Power is measured in WATTS. Power measures the effort you put into pedalling over a set period of time. More effort = higher Watts and higher power output. When you are riding a real bicycle, power translates into your ability to move yourself and move your bicycle.

So… whats the big deal right?

If your power is your ability to move yourself and move your bicycle, then an increase in power will result in an imporoved ability to ride your bicycle with ease. Simply put, this means more power equals more speed. The more power you can generate, the faster you can climb up a hill without getting tired.

3 benefits of training with power using a Wattbike

Power training provides special benefits to muscle and function. The ability to react with speed and strength combined is a result of increased power:

  1. Training is more efficient, meaning every single session counts towards achieving your goal. No time on the Wattbike is wasted and remember, one hour on a Wattbike is the equivalent of 2- 2.5 hours of real road riding because you cannot coast on a Wattbike.

  2. When you measure your training effort with watts you are able to reproduce the same effort without any outside influences. Using heart rate alone is an inaccurate training metric because outside influences like temperature, hormones or fatigue levels can significantly alter your heart rate fluctuation levels. Measurement of your fitness levels becomes quantitative and accurate once you begin consistently working with power, it will allow you to identify improvements and always remain on track with your training.

  3. Power conditioning makes you a safer rider. With an improved ability to react fast in a sticky situation on your bike you will prevent falls and have the strength to pull your body and bike back on track.

Training with power is awesome as I think you have noticed by now. But the key to improved performance is power testing. Testing with power gives you accurate results which can be used as a baseline performance measurement. If you test yourself regularly and follow a structured training plan, you’ll soon see an improvement in your power figures.

Further down the line, you will also start to notice a decrease in your heart rate for the same amount of power output – this is where you can tell you’re really starting to improve. Contact us today to schedule for first power test on the Wattbike and joined the Wattbike Revolution.

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