The Wattbike is the first and only indoor trainer bike to be endorsed by British Cycling. The WattBike is chosen by champions for its realistic road-feel and cycling-specific performance data.

But what makes the Wattbike the most powerful indoor trainer currently on the market?

And more importantly: Why do professional athletes around the globe use the Wattbike in their weekly training regimes

1.You will feel like you are riding on a regular bike

The creators of the Wattbike have designed this indoor trainer to perform as the “ultimate training and testing tool”.  This transfers directly your lessons learnt during indoor training to your road/off-road experience. This was achieved by the engineers at Wattbike headquarters while they worked closely with Peter Keen – former performance director of British Cycling and UK Sport.

Professional athletes were used to test the bike throughout its eight-year development before its public launch at the 2008 Olympics.

The Wattbike accurately mimics the feelings and sensations created when riding a real bicycle by using a unique air brake construction combined with a magnetic braking system. This allows you to replicate any desired training session from a light jog, to a high intensity race whilst training your neuromuscular pathways to perform optimally at any intensity level.

2.Real-time performance metrics available during and after your workout

Data-driven training is essential to accurately measure your progress and scientifically alter your training program in order to optimize your performance and reach your goals.

“The key difference between the Wattbike and other static bikes are it’s extensive data-analysis tools,” says Wattbike founder Tom Crampton. As you ride, the Wattbike measures over 40 different parameters every second and displays this information in real-time on the performance monitor.

Or if you prefer, you can analyze your saved data after your ride. The Wattbike is versatile and easy to use.

3.This is not a spinning bike!

Wattbikes replicate a real road/mountain bike with real groupsets, cranks and chains and thus replicating your correct riding position. There is no flywheel spinning system. This means there is no distortion of your pedal stroke and no distortion on your power output (like you get on spin bikes).

The Wattbike hardware was developed for Olympic Athletes and the Wattbike software offers the most accurate, repeatable power measurement currently on the market.

If you stop pedalling, the Wattbike will stop moving (unlike a spinning bike which compensates for drops in pedal power).

If you want to truly be strong and powerful, you need to join the Wattbike revolution.

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