10 Reasons you should be training on a Wattbike !

What makes a Wattbike so special? Here are the top 10 reasons that make a Wattbike the best indoor cycling bike currently available on the market.

  1. Watts aka How much power do you generate with each pedal stroke. The more WATTS you can generate with each turn of the pedals, the faster and more powerful you will become when riding your bicycle. An obvious one perhaps, but the main measurement of the Wattbike is power in Watts. If you’re wondering why it’s useful to measure your power, read our article on generating power with your pedal stroke. <link to enhancing power through your pedal stroke blog post>

  2. Cadence aka Leg speed The Wattbike displays your cadence in real-time on the performance monitor. This metric is useful when starting out as finding your ideal cadence will help make you more efficient. Cycling at a higher cadence also burns double the calories. So if you’re looking to lose weight, join our high cadence classes and burn baby burn!

  3. Heart Rate – Our Wattbike’s will link to your heart rate strap and will display your heart rate in real time. This is important when you want to measure the physiological intensity of your workout.

  1. Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) – We have specially designed periodic tests on the Wattbike that will precisely measure your Maximum Heart Rate. Once you know your MHR it can be used to set up personalized heart rate training zones and a personalized heart rate training program. Your training will become focused and can be scientifically designed to help you reach your goals.

  2. Right/Left Leg Balance – The Wattbike is one of the only indoor trainers to measure right and left leg balance and display this metric in REAL TIME whilst you ride. Ideally your power balance between your left and right should be equal (50:50) for effective cycling and physiological body balance.

This metric display is also very useful when healing from injury as it will assist you in reaching a healed, balanced state after being injured.

  1. Pedalling technique – One thing almost everybody knows about the Wattbike is it’s ability to measure your pedalling technique. With data collected 100 times per second, the Wattbike creates a simple graph which represents your pedalling technique. Find out more about Pedalling Technique here <link to perfet pedal stroke blog post>

  2. Maximum Minute Power (MMP) – can can ensure you also train in the correct zoneWhen you undertake a test on the Wattbike, you’ll often be looking for the Max Minute Power achieved during the test. Max Minute Power is used to work out your personalize training zones to ensure every session you complete is the right intensity for your current fitness. Our Wattbike coaches can assist you in personalizing a training program based on your test results to ensure you do not fatigue your body or undertrain.

  1. Average Power – Average power is a great metric to benchmark your fitness and track any changes in performance. Tracking your average power across sessions can also alert you to impending illness, which would be hard to measure in any other way.

  2. Distance – For the Strava enthusiasts out there racking up the miles, we couldn’t leave you without knowing the basic distance traveled during your Wattbike session (along with your speed for that matter).

  3. Designed to look and feel like a real bicycle – high performance saddles, real chains and crank sets plus a bike set up that simulates a real bicycle make the Wattbike almost identical to riding on the road. Not enough? You can even bring your own saddle to ride on- it just takes a minute to swop out our saddle for your own and ride together in our group training classes.


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